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Our Story

Zion is a community of faith that comes together out of gratitude for God's gifts to worship and serve. We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) where we strive to do God's work with our hands for the life of our community and the world. All are welcome at Zion!


Organized in 1901, the People of God who are Zion Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids have had a rich and varied history. The first 50 years of their presence in our community was in the form of a small but faithful congregation of Scandinavian descendants affiliated with the Augustana Synod. Then came the period of growth and diversity when Zion emerged numerically as the largest protestant church in Itasca County. Ministry needs and styles were modified out of necessity as both the community and the church experienced change. Perhaps the most drastic adjustment required of the congregation came in 1979 when they found themselves without a facility to house their various ministry areas. The story of the transition through that period to the present is a beautiful saga of ecumenism, sacrifice and commitment, all ingredients of a process that produced a sustained ministry "in exile" and the building of a new house for God's people. All the while these people affirmed that Christ has been and continues to be in their midst not only as they gather to celebrate His presence but as they move about their daily tasks throughout the community.

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