Class 3

1.  Watch -

                The Old Testament in 8 Minutes


2.  Family Activity – Place the following stories in “chronological” order:

                i. Moses and the Exodus                  ii. Noah and the Ark        iii. Judges Rule Israel      

                iv. God’s Covenant with Abraham     v. Israel Falls to Assyria

                vi. Joseph Sold into Slavery             vii. Israelites Establish 2 Kingdoms                                              viii. King David Unites Israel            ix. Judah Falls to Babylon                                                            x. Joshua Leading Israel into the Promised Land


3.  Video

4.  Family Discussion

                Is it important to study history?  Why?


                Do you have a family story that teaches a lesson or helps to understand why things are the way they are today?


                Why do we keep the Old Testament in our Bible if we are Christian?


5.  Closing Prayer


                Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Thank you for the promises that you made to our ancestors long ago and for walking with them throughout their lives.  As we read stories out of our Old Testament, help us to understand the lessons that we can learn for today.  Open our eyes to experience your presence, just as you were present with the Israelites long ago.  Amen.

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