Class 2

1.  Video -


                The Bible Explored – A Brief History

2.  Family Activity – (You will need paper and pens/pencils)

            Write the first verse in Genesis in its original language.


            Can you imagine copying the entire book of Genesis by hand?  Scribes dedicated their lives to the reproduction of scrolls so that they could be passed down to the next generations!

3.  Video


4.  Family Discussion

     What stories do you know from the Bible?  Do you have a favorite verse?

     Are there stories that you have read that you don’t like or are confusing?  What are they?

     How important is the Bible to you?  Would you risk going to jail to keep one in your house?

5.  Closing Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift the Bible handed down to us through the ages.  Thank you for those who were willing to risk their lives to faithfully translate it and preserve it.  Open our eyes to the power of the Bible throughout the ages and in our lives today.  Amen.

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